Ryan Johnston


Mr Ryan Johnston is assisting BioCifer in the development of lateral flow manufacturing technology. This is the same underlying technology that is used world-wide in at-home pregnancy tests, and is a key component in BioCifer’s rapid point-of-care tests. Ryan is also a post-graduate microbiology student at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where he is developing rapid test kits to detect if people have been infected with mosquito-borne viruses. This student research project work is being performed in collaboration with the Australian Infectious Disease Research Centre at the University of Queensland, who have developed safe chimeric virus particle technology critical for producing rapid test kits for mosquito borne viruses.

Ryan has a keen interest in expanding the future capability of chimeric viral particle technologies and applying those capabilities to the rapidly expanding realm of point-of-care rapid diagnostics. With over 15 years of previous military service, and prior internships at international diagnostic manufacturing companies, Ryan brings another layer of technical diversity to BioCifer’s already talented team. His knowledge base includes product compliancy, including pre and post verification of lateral flow diagnostic devices.