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BioCifer diagnostic testing advantages


Faster testing

  • Ten minute sample processing, reduces test times by at least 30 minutes thanks to a simple and streamlined 3-step approach: extract, amplify and detect.
  • Safe and streamlined process can be used at point-of-care.

Increased efficiency

  • Eliminates current nucleic extraction bottlenecks.
  • No added infrastructure required in laboratories.
  • Delivers significant savings in labour costs.

Accurate and effective

  • Demonstrated to be 97% consistent with commercial sample processing techniques, when used for processing SARS-COV-2 samples, for example.
  • The process is highly scalable, with the ability to produce enough reagent for 400,000 tests per week.


  • Rapid sample inactivation reduces PPE requirements.
  • Compatible for use in automated instruments.
  • Compatible for use with bleach disinfectant.

Australian technology

  • Developed in conjunction with leading Australian research organisations.
  • Avoids potential supply chain deficiencies.
  • Will prioritise Australian laboratories on short lead-times.