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Animal health


BioCifer’s rapid animal health and agricultural disease testing will solve the uncertainty experienced by livestock holders, farmers, producers and communities right around the world which can all be impacted by animal disease.

Improved disease management tools and strategies will reduce loss and improve yields, while providing higher quality and safer environments for communities.

Hendra Virus detection

Hendra (HeV) is one of the five species of henipavirus, which are spread by several species of flying foxes and microbats. HeV is a serious threat to the equestrian industry and has caused horse and human fatalities in Australia. As of May 2018, about 700 human cases of NiV are estimated to have occurred with 50-75% proving fatal.

Nipah Virus detection

Nipah (NiV) is also a species of henipavirus spread by several species flying foxes and microbats, creating a serious illness that can be spread from animals to people and from person-to-person. The disease causes severe disease in animals and can result in acute respiratory illness and fatal encephalitis in people.