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The BioCifer Story

BioCifer is a leading bio-tech company that emerged from the technical expertise of researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Queensland Australia in 2016. Our goal is to be a catalyst for profound change in diagnostic technology and in doing so, to help advance the management of infectious disease and to address some of the world’s greatest health challenges for the betterment of all.

Through harnessing the brightest minds in the field, accelerating breakthrough research and collaborating with local and global organisations, BioCifer has facilitated the simple and rapid detection of viruses and infectious diseases through powerful, new biosensing technology. By engaging with the scientific world and sharing our knowledge and technology, BioCifer also aims to inspire and support other innovative thinkers in advancing their own discoveries.

Manufacturing in Australia, BioCifer is committed to ensuring diagnostic testing supply for the local market – in human medical point-of-care diagnostics and animal disease diagnostics. At the same time, BioCifer is dedicated to playing an important global role in tackling infectious diseases, ranging from malaria to Hendra virus, by exporting this technology to international markets.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team